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30 November 2009

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Thursday, 5 November 2009

The 'Capital Talk' and the 'Let us build Pakistan' debate

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Aamir Mughal said...

Shaheen Sehbai Anti Pakistan Army Website:

Place this on your blog as a front page post.

Shaheen Sehabi, Jang Group & Definition of National Interest.


There was a time when members of the Pakistani establishment and especially those agencies, used to assume the role of determining what is ‘national interest of Pakistan’, and who is loyal, and who is anti Pakistan, have perhaps done more damage to Pakistan than known enemies of Pakistan. It is unfortunate that every blunder, be it at national level or in foreign affairs, is made in the name of ‘national interest of Pakistan’. People of Pakistan are perplexed as they fail to understand what is ’national interest of Pakistan?

Now this role has been adopted by some of our most "Celebrity Journalists cum Analysts cum Private TV Channel Anchors" even the some of the Senior Most Seasoned Journalist/Editor [Read Shaheen Sehbai, Ansar Abbasi, Dr Shahid Masood, Hamid Mir and Rauf Klasra] have suddenly become so obsessed [right after the announcement of Kerry Lugar Bill] with National Security and National Interest of Pakistan and Futile Ant-Americanism that they forget that what they used to file in web based magazine - South Asia Tribune [based in USA] founded by Shaheen Sehbai [Present Group Editor of The News International Pakistan]. They and some of the most important members of present PPP Government used to contribute in the same web based magazine e.g. Farhatullah Babar, Hussain Haqqani, Wajid Shamsul Hassan and so many others. Shaheen Sehbai never doubted the loyalty of those PPP members when they were contributing for his magazine.

Recently Shaheen Sehbai in several of his so-called "Breaking Stories/News Analysis" in The News International has targetted the present PPP government for compromising on National Security during the Kerry-Lugar Bill Controversy whereas Shaheen Sehbai himself had already damaged the reputation of Pakistan, Pakistan Army and Pakistan National Interest when he was in Self Imposed Exile in USA in his magazine, yes in a country whose legislative bill [Kerry-Lugar Bill] he considers dangerous for Pakistan.

Aamir Mughal said...

Real Face of Hamid Mir [Anti State, Anti Pakistan]

Hamid Mir Calamity & Geo TV.


A very senior journalist from Karachi, Late. Mr. Shabbir Durrani , had once said to me; “do whatever you want but don’t ever try to work with Jang Groups of Newspapers, Pakistan {Owners of GEO TV and The News International}”, he had further advised that it would be much better for you to do labour at dockyards as Jang Groups and their Executives are worse than [no offence to Jews and Hindus] Shylocks {more crudely Baniya (Hindu) Money Lenders}. That was his statement about Daily Jang and their owners, the sad thing is that Daily Dawn {sometimes} and its management is not far behind in this dirty game. Daily Dawn Pakistan which otherwise is least sensational and scandalous but sometime plays to the tunes of Vested Interests even without checking the credentials of the Journalists filing the story. In November 2001 a reporter cum analyst cum biographer i.e. Mr Hamid Mir {Now in GEO TV of Jang Group of Newspapers Pakistan} filed a story in Daily Dawn that “Osama Bin Laden said he had nuclear and chemical weapons and was ready to use them” [For complete story click the links below]. The most pathetic thing is that nowadays nobody questions the story, you can file anything you like anywhere.

People have short memory because after 4 years in the same Daily Dawn one of the most serious and senior journalist and that too amongst the senior editors Ms. Zubeida Mustafa opined in her columns that “Stephen Hess and Marvin Kalb write in their book The Media and the War on Terrorism about the "CNN effect" (a term now applied for all television channels), "In 1992, President George H.W. Bush saw television images of starving children in Somalia and he felt obliged to send US troops there to distribute food."

They add, "Less than a year, later President Bill Clinton saw television images of Somali fighters dragging the desecrated body of an American soldier through the streets of Mogadishu and he felt obliged to withdraw the troops." She further wrotes, “With more serious implications has been the media's propensity to project an image which may actually misrepresent the truth. The images could be positive or negative, but not accurate.” Since there is no professional check - an editor for websites, a code of ethics for television and radio - just about anyone can acquire a medium and put anything up there. All the information so released becomes an article of faith because it has been well presented and is believed by the gullible reader/viewer/listener.” I wonder was there any professional check on Mr. Hamid Mir (now in GEO TV) when he filed that story in one of the most ‘prestigious’ newspaper of the country and shamelessly the editorial executives are now advising all and sundry to check and cross check before filing any story. Did they ask from that reporter that Atomic/Nuclear devices are not that kind of devices, which can be carried away easily like .22 caliber pistol? Yet they published Hamid Mir’s story as headline in Daily Dawn as a gospel truth.

It’s a separate debate whether Al-Qaeda/Taliban was involved in 9/11 or not but still after thoroughly bombed and destroyed Afghanistan, the most high tech US Intelligence apparatus couldn’t ‘succeed’ in nabbing the Bearded Bandits i.e. Osama, Zawahiri and Omar {seems to be the disciples of Hassan Bin Sabbah of Nazari Community of Qila Al Amut, Khorasan} but isn’t it strange that these wanted persons are being sought after by CIA, NSA, DIA, FBI etc.etc. but a petty reporter of Pakistan not only knows where he was right after 9/11 and that was not the end, the reporter also declared himself as an un-official biographer of Osama Bin Laden.

Aamir Mughal said...

Real Face of Hamid Mir [Anti State, Anti Pakistan]

Daily Dawn, Hameed Haroon, Hamid Mir & Nuclear Bombs

Daily Dawn was allegedly founded by the Founder of Pakistan Muhammad Ali Jinnah. The CEO of Dawn group is Hameed Haroon, and the current editor of Dawn is Abbas Nasir, who is also looking after the Dawn News Channel [supposed to be a full time job], and how the hell it would be possible to look after two organizations at the same time!!

On 25 May 2007 the DAWN NEWS CHANNEL's test transmission was commenced and guess what the opening ceremony was addressed by Generalissimo Generalissimus Il President Mr Parvez Musharraf. Whereas the so-called Beacon of the Press Freedom i.e. Pakistan Herald Publication Limited or to be precise Daily Dawn [DATED 25 MAY 2007] says:

"“In our endeavour to establish DawnNews we are enormously helped by our legacy – The legacy of DAWN, that was founded by the Quaid-i-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah on 14th August 1947 in Karachi, the same day our nation was born. We believe that by facilitating access to information of the highest quality and with a defined commitment to clarity and accuracy, we can enable Pakistan’s young generations to assume their place as informed citizens of the world.”

But Jinnah had never dreamt of Controlled and Guided Democracy by Military Dictator as well as he never dreamt of that a Military Dictator would be addressing a gathering of Newspaper founded by a Lawyer of Impeccable Character i.e. Mohammad Ali Jinnah

Aamir Mughal said...

Real Face of Hamid Mir [Anti State, Anti Pakistan]

Daily Dawn, Hameed Haroon, Hamid Mir & Nuclear Bombs


Aamir Mughal said...

Shaheen Sehbai on Accountability of Press/Owners of Newspapers.

[Do note that many who have been condemned by Shaheen Sehbai in the list were regular contributor for Shaheen Sehbai's Anti Pakistan Website]


Every one in the present morally, intellectually and financially depleted Pakistan --the print media and its well-entrenched "gurus" among the foremost --- is shouting from the roof top for accountability of every one else.Yet no one has seriously demanded, nor does any one appear to be contemplating, any accountability of the media itself. [Shaheen Sehbai in 2000]

The peers, naturally those who come out unscathed and "clean", should sit down to formulate lists of those who have been publicly demonstrating a lack of intellectual, moral and professional integrity. Big names like Minhaj Barna, Mushahid Hussain, Maleeha Lodhi, Wajid Shamsul Hassan, Nazir Naji, Ataul Haq Qasmi, Ayaz Amir, Hussain Haqqani, Irshad Ahmed Haqqani, Najam Sethi, Nasim Zehra, Jamiluddin Aali and many others who sought or accepted political, diplomatic or government jobs, or joined political parties as activists, should be asked to explain why they did not quit journalism to do so and why they continued to use the profession to get, keep or regain lucrative jobs or positions of power. How do they retain, or claim to retain, their objectivity and credibility, once they have demonstrated their political ambitions. In the least they should have apologised to the profession.

I would never forget a supposedly well known name in today's op-ed pages who, in order to "please" a lady ambassador in Washington, turned himself into her private photographer and started taking her pictures with all those present at a grand farewell dinner thrown at her official residence. For three hours this newspaper columnist behaved like a personal privately hired professional. He even carried his "act of sycophancy" to the next day at the airport where people went to see her off, clicking rolls and rolls of pictures with the ambassador sitting, standing, waving and smiling at every Tom, Dick, Harry and Larry. Even junior embassy staffers started making jokes about this senior journalist and his "buttering skills". To his ultimate disgrace, he was never obliged by the slick ambassador, despite his publicly self-demeaning conduct. But later these very skills worked well with the successor political government and he landed a cushy government job in Islamabad. The moment the government was ousted, his columns started attacking his previous employers. Still he retains his claim to be an "impartial and objective" analyst and writer and does not include himself in the long list of trapeze artists that crowd the media circus in Pakistan.

Aamir Mughal said...

Advice is to file a damage suit against Hamid Mir, Ansar Abbasi, GEO TV and all those who without any proof raising false allegation.

Aamir Mughal said...

Ansar Abbasi and Hamid Mir deny that they have any link with any Intelligence Agency where as the detailed report on PKPOLITICS suggest something else i.e. Rauf Klasra and Ansar Abbasi made a Hero out of him whereas yesterday the same Ansar Abbasi filed a news against the same Brigadier Imtiaz who he was praising in the report below:

An Open Letter to Rauf Klasra — Updated

UPDATE #1: An excellent expose by Shaheen Sehbai about the men behind Brig Billa: The Return of the Daylight Jackals. I would suggest that Mr Sehbai also look closer to home and get some answers from his employee Mr Rauf Klasra.



100 corruption cases to reopen in 25 days By Ansar Abbasi Wednesday, November 04, 2009


and former IB chief Brigadier Imtiaz.

UmeR said...

No doubt PeePeePee sucks, so all you zardari's slave can shut up.

And what a bullshit blog this is and who is the nutcase running it?

Anyway, for cheap publicity and promotion of it's corrupt party this blog spreads hate between provinces.

So! you sick minded insane racist zardari's slaves can STFU.

Anonymous said...

Anchors want to drive Pakistan. Do they have the mandate to do that? Politicians may be wrong on some counts but these people go to public. Sometime during this they are roughed up and sometime even they are murdered. That is why they are the one who should be running the affairs and not the anchors. Please have a look at one of my article whose central idea is based on Naji's coulumn. Please have a look:

Rabia said...

great job guys! It was priceless seeing the angry faces of Ansar Abbasi and Hamid Mir as they read your blog posts about them!

zagham said...

Ansar Abbasi , you, Shaheen S ,Shahid M are the vultures and waiting the death of democracry to eat the dead meat of Democracy.If you guyz can criticize govt and other journalists then why not other can criticise your(Ansar Abbasi, Shaheen S ,Shahid M ) views...Guyz fACE THE MUSIC

zagham said...


Anonymous said...

So What? Criticising anyone is the human right? Why you guys are so pissed off. The truth always wins and none can ever live with false claims. It is only the damn dictators who cannot take criticism. Unfortunately for Pakistan there were always dictators. Even the elected Prime Ministers and Presidents never had the guts to face a free press.

Anonymous said...

Freedom of Speech is the real power for a democratic country. Unfortunately, it is new in Pakistan and the rulers are not accustomed to gulp the truth. They still live in the dark ages of the Vaderas, Zamidars, damn Faked Pirs and Makhdooms, Rajas and Nawabs and above all those, the most corrupt organization "The Pakistan Army", which is good to fight the unarmed civilians, kill their own people but surrender immediately when there is a real WAR.

Asif Shakoor said...

To hell with Taliban supporters Ansar Abbasi and Hamid Mir !

Abdul you are doing a great job and keep it up!

Aamir Mughal said...

Ansar Abbasi, Hamid Mir and Nazir Naji labeling Corruption allegations against each other.

Note: They forgot to mention one thing that Shaheen Sehbai used to run Anti Pakistan / Anti Army Website from USA from 2002 to 2005/06 and Ansar Abbasi and Rauf Klasra were the regular contributor for that website South Asia Tribune.


Aamir Mughal said...

Shaheen Sehbai: Journalist or Man with an Agenda
Thursday, November 5th, 2009


It is interesting to note that in today’s The News, the OpEd written by Shaheen Sehbai, an Editor in the newspaper, has been relegated to the inner pages. It seems like even The News governing board has realized that Mr Sehbai is not a journalist, but a campaigner. And that his stories are not based on fact, they are based on conspiracy theories. Where did the minus-1 formula come from? By Shaheen Sehbai Thursday, November 05, 2009


Or is it possible that Mr Sehbai has his own agenda. Ten years ago in an article in Dawn titled “The Patient and the Surgeon” (October 22, 1999), Mr. Sehbai described Pakistan as a “patient” and General Musharraf as the “surgeon.” Quoting unnamed sources Mr Sehbai advised General Musharraf on what he should do, namely, “General Musharraf cannot dawdle and straggle any more as he is losing the critical strike time that could give him the advantage of an early sweep against the mafias and layers and layers of corrupt elements all over the place. His administration has a very soft face so far and this has not caused enough fear and panic in the ranks of the corrupt. Publicity of his image of a relaxed man sitting with his dogs may have waited until he had shown some results.”

Anonymous said...

I am a regular viewer of the blog Let us build Pakistan and always find this blog with rich, healthy and true contents, the management of "Let us build Pakistan" is a brave and committed to present the true picture of facts (that is something what the real journalism and that this job has to be played by the media but its the bad luck of Pakistan that the media failed to do so).

I have a objection on the comment passed by Mr. Sajid Hussain that: "Conguratulations your site is being featured in JEW TV's Capital talk programme on 5th Nov 2009".

Its not a matter of pride, someone raised fingers on the VERACIOUSNESS of Let us build Pakistan and it will not tolerable at all, I am and all the bloggers of Pakistan are with you.

I don't want to spam here by writing down my url, but you can view my today post on Views On Pakistan News about this.

Unknown said...

ناجی صاحب كی قلم شام سات بجے كے بعد كالم تحریر كرتے ہو جھومنے لگ جاتئی ہے ! بقول حامد میر كے...اج تو انصار عباسی نے ایسا پرانے دھوبی كی طرح پٹكے مار مار كر دھویا ہے نزیر ناجی صاحب كو.. یہ بزرگ صحافی پھر كبھی لائیو پروگرام میں تشریف لانے سے قبل سوچیں گے
ضرور!!! اگر پینے كے بعد ہوش میں ہوے تو

Aamir Mughal said...

Same Hamid Mir on ISI!! Hamid Mir condemns this blog for Anti-ISI and Pro PPP whereas Hamid Mir himself had written this: De facto Sindh CM finally transferred Monday, April 21, 2008 By Hamid Mir http://www.thenews.com.pk/top_story_detail.asp?Id=14221

ISLAMABAD: The man who has ruled Sindh as a de facto chief minister for many years finally lost his powers on Saturday. Brigadier Huda, who was an ISI commander in Sindh, was in fact the caretaker of the MQM-PML-Q provincial coalition government. He was responsible for running the coalition in a smooth manner. All major decisions were taken after his consultation.

He resolved the differences between former CM Arbab Ghulam Rahim and the MQM many a time. Many provincial ministers even used to say "ooper Khuda aur neechay Huda". The brigadier’s name figured in the power circles of Islamabad in the evening of May 12, 2007. Brigadier Huda was given credit for the show of massive government power in Karachi on that day. Initially, the MQM was reluctant to hold a rally in Karachi on May 12. The then ISI DG Gen Ashfaq Kayani also had the same opinion that the MQM should not come out on the streets when Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry would visit Karachi. It was Huda who played an important role in convincing the MQM not to cancel its rally. He assured the MQM leadership that there will be no riots on that day though he was proved wrong. He was supposed to be very close to the then Army chief General Pervez Musharraf. However, no action was taken against him.

The blasts in the rally of Benazir Bhutto on October 18, 2007 in Karachi were another failure of Brigadier Huda. He was responsible for the security of Benazir Bhutto on that day more than anybody else. However, he was not transferred despite his repeated failures. His downfall started on April 9, 2008, when many people including lawyers were killed in the Karachi violence. It was another failure on the part of Huda. The new PPP government in Sindh felt that Brigadier Huda was still having immense political influence. It believed that he was in contact with the anti-PPP forces. Many important bureaucrats reported to the provincial government that Huda was interfering in different departments. He was more interested in "political makings and breakings" than doing his security job. After the episode of April 9, PPP leaders asked ISI Director General Lt Gen Nadeem Taj through the prime minister that Huda must be transferred. It took just a few days and Huda was transferred. He was replaced by another brigadier. The PPP gave a message that it means business and it will not tolerate any ambitious spymasters. There are rumors in the capital that the ISI DG will also be transferred soon but highly-placed sources in the new government dispelled all these rumours. "The prime minister has the authority to change the ISI DG anytime but right now we don't need to change him," claimed a top PPP leader.

Bukhari said...

Thanks Hamid Mir for Introducing me to this nice Blog.

Unknown said...

Imran Khan said times nd timees again NO ONE can save any government or so called democricy,except common man. If PPP doing their job properly and cleanly to serve common peoples they DONT NEED so called blog like Lets us Build pakistan, and they should'nt worry about criticism because TRUETH dont need propeganda.

Adnan A.Siddiqi said...

the leftist talibans(PPP's jiyalas) in action

Unknown said...

hamid mir is anti pakistan paid form indian raa agency

Unknown said...

proof of hamid mir links with raa agency is present i know some pakistani saw him with indian embassy mission UAE at dubai airport his news alway anti pakistan govt and country we pakistani in UAE dont want to listen anti pakistan propaganda continues at geo news indian channel god save us from gaddar of pakistan. no news fair only mulk dushman news jeevey jeevey pakistan

Aamir Mughal said...

proof of hamid mir links with raa agency!!!!

Yellow Journalistic Behaviour, The Hamid Mir journey Written by Satinder SinghEditorialsOct 2, 2009


Pakistan’s bad luck revisits every time Mr Mir and his ilk (of which there are many) with full access to the public media repeatedly make insinuations on the country’s image at a critical juncture when we are about to make a genuine attempt of acceptability in the world community. I, understandably, relate Mr Mir’s journalistic behaviour to deep frustration following his erstwhile associates coming under scrutiny in the successful military action in Swat and FATA but consider the contents of the article need correcting for the record. Ilyas Kasmiri was never an SSG ‘commando’ and not even closely associated with the elite military outfit.

Unknown said...

Zaid hamid is a pig. an enemy agent and taliban supporter

Anonymous said...

I didnt knew of all this! friends take care

Aamir Mughal said...

Hamid Mir threatens ‘Let Us Build Pakistan’
May 17th, 2010 Farhad Jarral http://criticalppp.org/lubp/archives/11149

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